With over 30 years experience in the machining of precision engineering components, ACRO can meet all your requirements within the engineering and technology sector. Whether you are seeking specialist low volume prototype development or high volume manufacturing,
ACRO has the experience and equipment to deliver on time and within specification .... every time.



At ACRO we have machined parts for the motor industry, the power industry, the medical sector, the hi-tech sector... in fact, over the past 30 years, we feel we've done just about everything. When you work with ACRO, you can be sure that you are working with engineers who understand "engineering" and the importance of getting it right and getting it to you on time.

At ACRO we have the very latest technology and highly qualified and experienced engineers, enabling us to produce precision engineering parts in high volumes. With ACRO's capabilities, there is no need to go outside Europe for the production of high volume components.
Tel : 01692 583444 or e-mail : sales@acroengineering.co.uk
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